Wednesday, 7 October 2009

HHL09 research strand continued..

HHL09 research strand continued..

George Saltsman from the middle of nowhere on the US )250 miles from
next big metroploitan area!). IPhone has allowed them to experiment as
it's the first with a decent browser - so focussed on iPhones
initially. Can find practically anything on their mobile apps - sounds
completely integrated into college life. Also sounds very easy for
lecturers to share materials / calendars / etc. - wonder if that means
they've got decent buy in from staff? Have done research into what
impact mobile learning has had at their college.
First study - all first year students in a class given iPhones / iPod
touches. Had 92% of students in the class with them, so some degree of
backing off by lecturers. People much preferred using iPhone. People
didn't always take iPod touch with them, but did iPhone. Split about 2
to 1 iPhone to iPod touch.
Staff beleives program was a success (but so would I if I got an
iPhone out of it!). Real success - but important finding is that to be
successful it needs to be ad ubiquitous as possible. so iPhone worked
ad it's their own phone. IPod touch isn't as students don't bother
carrying them around, so miss out on mobile, always on learning.
Doesn't have much proof it has improved learning - just perceptions.

Jane Lunsford - OU. Wanted to know if students wanted to use mobile
devices. Dis some action research with groups across 9 subject areas.
Used for students who miss tutorials and feedback in various ways.
Used range of elearnungcstuff from mp3 to testing. Materials were
additional to course, it was completely optional whether students used
them - also covered elsewhere. Students seemed to like them from the
selected feedback shown in the talk.

Also they've tried a testing pilot with 450 students who volunteered
by text message. 20 messages, reminders of deadlines & resources, also
making best use of stuff. Students seem to like reminders - made them
feel like they hadn't been forgotten about. Prefer to email as they
noticed them! Lots of general elearning stuff OU does followed...
Like to see the final paper for info on text message pilot.

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