Monday, 28 September 2009

Article writing

Trying to pull together an outline of an article for a peer reviewed journal at the moment that will link QR codes and information literacy. I've submitted a talk to LILAC2010 on a similar topic, so the article is designed to complement the talk - possibly in the journal run by the same people, Journal of Information Literacy.

Think I've probably done about as much as I can so far (just under 2,500 words) while I've still got so much feedback and usage data to come back on how well the QR codes are working.

Hopefully it should be relatively painless to complete in a couple of months time...

Saturday, 26 September 2009

MmIT event - mobile learning: what exactly is it?

Went to a really interesting mobile learning event in Aston the other day. I'm far too disorganised to write up any notes, but Andy Powell did a far better job anyway...

New articles on mobile 'phones & libraries by me!

I've had 2(!) articles published in the last week - On in Library Hi Tech News and one in CILIP update.

Full references below:

Walsh, Andrew (2009) Text messaging (SMS) and libraries. Library Hi Tech News, 26(8, pp. 9-11.

Walsh, Andrew (2009) Text a librarian @ Huddersfield. CILIP Update, October 2009, pp. 44-45.

Friday, 4 September 2009

QR codes, staff presentations

About to give my first presentation on QR codes to staff in the library, should be followed by another one next week, then I'll arrange a third to try and catch anyone that's missed out!

Most important part was letting people play with mobile 'phones to see how QR codes work.

Or the recording made while I was speaking, it was cut off slightly during the questions, but the full presentation is there: