Friday, 4 December 2009

Conference talks in the pipeline

I've just been accepted to talk at two conferences, LILAC in Limerick next March and EMTACL10 in Trondheim in April.

Both have QR codes as a theme, but the LILAC talk is entitled "QR Codes – using mobile ‘phones to deliver library instruction and help at the point of need." and is very much about what I've done at the University, what's worked and what hasn't and how it supports information skills.

The EMTACL talk also covers QR codes, but with the title "Blurring the boundaries between our physical and electronic libraries" it is much more of a rant from me! I'll be talking about how we can blur the boundaries between the physical library and electronic resources through technologies such as QR codes as well as mentioning some other technologies such as GPS and wireless communication and their potential. It'll then be a bit of a rant as to why we don't use RFID for interesting stuff instead of just using it for stock circulation....