Tuesday, 6 October 2009

HHL 2nd day, 2nd half

Last few talks on day 2:

Phyllis H. Hillwig - mobile learning in K12 US education. Talked about
digital natives from the start, for me that = #fAil. Opportunity #1 -
How? Teachers moving from facilitator to connector.

What are students doing on their 'phones - her study. They'd like
to ... Missed al of this as she flicked straight passed it. Hmm.
Barely mentioned anything about handheld learning.

Felt that about lots of the speakers - lots of focus on primary $
secondary education, very little outside that. Very little re-usable
info on Handheld learning. Some talks have been fantastic. Lots have
been nice, but nothing I can take away. A few have been irrelevant
both to me & surely most of the audience?

This talk has completely lost me as these notes may make clear! Bloody
digital immigrants vs natives again! Doesn't seem to know why mobile
phone usage / mobiles are behind Europe. Even I know it's because of
the way telecoms companies gave charged in the US - only just stopped
charging to receive text messagess why doesn't she know it if she
works in the area? Now trying to encourage us to go to USA as their
conferences lack our knowledge & experience.

Linda someone - another company person. She says she is starting a
reading revolution. Slagging off lots of iPhone games. Developers not
thinking enough of design of these things. Distracting visuals &
sounds are not good. Really doesn't like iPhone because of lack of
flash - will develop for android when it supports flash.

Naomi Norman - talked about Nintendo ds lite game they've done for the
army to improve numeracy. Sounds really good - inspired repeated
effort, opportunistic learning, less stigma than print workbooks, ds
fired in pockets, were easy & familiar to use, was affordable! Allowed
more context than previous teaching.
Also showed another ds tool they've done in vehicle maintenance. Used
for refresher training & immediate info - tutorials & games.

Tony Vincent - last speaker of the day. Getting students engaged is my
mission. Boredom is the enemy of learning. Favourite handheld tool at
moment is iPhone / iPod touch. Talking about creating comics,
animations & podcasts. Examples: comic touch; (just mentioned
copyright! Good man!); strip designer; Ali's jigsaw puzzle; flipbook;
voice memos; posterous (email it & it automatically creates a blog
post with the audio embedded). Really nice talk with illustrations of
what he uses as a teacher.

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