Tuesday, 6 October 2009

HHL - first 2 keynotes!

Again - just notes as I made them:

Intro : industry announcements:

Conferenceconnect - people who did online things.

Wild knowledge - free basic account - all web based

Intersog - pocket MBA iPhone app is example. 1 year free licence on
offer today.

Gcsepod- subscriptions for schools so they can give access to iPhone
type gcsepod resources

Main intro - Graham. Money issue for us all... Waiting for
transformation from government - tipping point reached? Tech easy &
cheap to access?
Showed his 4 year old "handheld learning girl" playing with her iPhone

First keynote: Zenna Atkins. Some great insights. Thinks future is
content not buildings / structures (though politicians feel otherwise)
delivered to handheld devices. Passport to future is immediate
assessment by handheld devices not certificates. Wants personal
education allowances so you can buy education from wherever you want,
nit just Victorian style schools.

#hhl now trending on Twitter!

2nd- Malcom McLaren: necer talked about education befire. Popular
culture - all of it says "it's cool to be stupid". Live in a culture
of desire cf culture of necessity (post war). Talent show is
representative if today's culture. Authenticity & karaoke sum up
struggle for today's society & education. Oposites - one defined by
the moment & lack of creativity, one which celebrates the messiness of
creativity. Tony Blair was a buffoon who should have been hung at
Zmarble arch where tyvurn once stood for trying to brandvys cool
Brittania. Beleives England teaches lies / deception through school &
tv. Illustrated by dixon of dock green - he new you couldn't talk to
the filth. Glad to leave school but not glad to get a job. Trainee
wine taster - a job his mother could boast about. Shown job by ex
forces officers - red faced, blue veined, etc. Drunk every night when
he got home. One day tried to avoid hideous lunch by ducking into st
martins school of art. Got himself fired by smoking gitanes in tasting
room. Shortly afterwards went to art school. Glorious cult of the
amateur - trying to be the glorious failure as inspired at art school.
Pistols in sex pistols because they were only 17 & he thought they
only had small penises. Declaration of ewar against society when he
accidently invented punk. Youth has to behave irreverently because of
it's beleif in it's own immortality. When standing for mayor 10% of
vote!) had to create a manifesto - Malcolm mclaren likes libraries!
Suggested putting pubs in public libraries to fund them...
Wants to restablish the idea of learning for learnings sake - the
flaneur exploring. Don't take information for granted just because
it's free. Use tech like a tool don't rely on it - if you rely on gps
how will you know when it sends you the wrong way?

How do we go away from the karaoke culture (question from audience) make sure
people know the real thing is sexuer. Karaoke is about fucking a blow
up doll - authentic is fucking the real thing


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