Tuesday, 6 October 2009

Hhl09 - pecha kucha notes

These are the notes as I've made them: I'll try and tart them up later!

First up - Martin Owen:

"What I'm going to do over next 55 years". Interested in how much stuff was in classroom 55 years ago - where has it gone, want to make more stuff.

Playing with small stuff - tiny micropossers to the computer becomes invisible. Ubiquitous; pervaisive; embedded; cheap.

Learn anywhere. Learn somewhere.

What would Maria Mintessori do? He's trying to create smart e-learning toys. 6x6cm tiles. Lots interact with each other. Putting learning back into stuff. Probably be making them within 6 months

2nd talk - Tony Vincent. Using web apps. Putting stuff on the cloud.

Showed online stopwatch. Avairy thing, minor? Garageband type thing.; Prezi.com; pixton (comics ); Blaberize.com( talking head); lots of nice stuff to play with.

3rd - James Clay "the future of learning". The past - why we do the things we do. We start in Sept. Because of the harvest. We need tostart breaking things down - reflect modern concerns. Remember learning is not about tech. Mobile learning about learners being mobile. Need institutions that are responsive & flexible. Need to reward innovation. Need solutions not barriers. Need culture change.

4th - Marcus specht - ambient information channels. How do people learn with augmented objects? What can sensors / displays do. Context gives meaning.

5th -Chris someone. Using DITA (an XML format) to deliver content to the iPhone.

Lots of probs with projector ..

6th - Jim? Mike? (librarian!) Everything is remediated. How desktop access / mobile web design are influencing each other. )Bolter & gruisin book 2000). Web stuff for mobiles are clean & quite limited in content - starting to be reflected by normal websites.

7th - Stuart Smith - the killer app for mlearning. 49% of uk adults accessed the mobile web? Apps- can be limiting, much prefers web. Mobile web is a flawed solution though. Good as browser is already loaded. Web addresses hard to use.

8th up -Lucy Haagen. M'ubuntu- down to earth mlearning for South Africa. Big problems with literacy on S. Africa.

9th - Martin Owen. 140 million mobile in Africa. 80 million in Brazil. Main concrn is nit having device but paying for "airtime". Talking about project in Capetown. Delivering stuff in 144 characters...
Recipricol reading is what he's used. Learners Got book & mobile. Used SMS groupware - text one number, software forwards it on to everyone else. Ask "what do you think xxx is about?" & then start to read - then have to ask "community" a question. Then re-read; then text a
question to check eveyones understanding. Have to then answer a colleagues question.

10th - James Clay again. 20 web 2.0 apps for learning. Flickr (notes & comments); Twitter (conversation); etherpad; Screenr (screen capture); Posterous (blog); Audioboo; evernote (online notes); Shozu; Google Apps; Ustream; Prezi; Slideshare; ning; delicious; wordpress; qik
(Nikia video broadcast); friendfeed; remember the milk; YouTube .

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