Tuesday, 6 October 2009

HHL 2nd day pm - 1st half!

HHL 2nd day pm :

John Davitt. 100% +ve feedback on eBay - why more feedback tgere than
ever received in real life education. Lots of interaction. Google docs
to create 100 hour school - lots of stuff in conference connect.
Computers can act to make us the idiot vitesse. Great entertaining &
inspiring talk.

Alexandra Deschamps-something : founder of Tinker.it - Arduino, a
cheap & easy way to play with electronics. A way of learning by doing
hands on stuff. It's open source fir bith hardware & software. They've
been running workshops for anyone to use it. I want to play with it
but I know I've never find the time... Few books available - learning
through YouTube / forums / etc. Finish with 5 thoughts. 1) Cut & paste
good to start with. 2) failure is part of the process. 3) teaching
the value of open source (it's good to share) 4) intergeberational
experiences (teachers parents & students learning together). Missed one?

David Braben. Wrote Elite that I used to spend ages trying to load on
an Acorn Electron in my youth! Consider drop in computing degree
applicants since 2001. Technology talked down by media? ICT in schools
dull & taught by teachers that are often less technologically literate
than pupils. This is madness! Use technology to motivate - tech that's
used & fascinates children. Whole talk focussed on getting more
people into computer science rather than anything more general.

Tim Rylands - big ideas need big spaces. Using a wii game - African
safari. Put text box on PowerPoint and changes properties so it let's
you type into it during a presentation. Very entertaining. Has put
stuff on conference connect.

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