Saturday, 28 November 2009

Last focus group!

Ran my last focus group yesterday - have starting writing them up, but half still to do. Some interesting things jumping out already:

1) Students are happy us getting their mobile phone numbers any way we can and using them to get in touch - as long as it's with "useful" information. Defining "useful" is a bit tricky though...

2) Any barrier, however small, is too big and will stop them using new services. This is unless they see an immediate and obvious advantage to doing it.

3) Most of the focus group members only thought about using library services in the library - all our electronic resources; all the ways of contacting us; all the info on webpages; twitter, etc. used almost entirely on campus by those attending the focus groups. So, most genuinely didn't see the point in anything delivered to mobile devices unless they gave them an advantage on campus. Bit of a surprise this! The students were a mix of part & full time as well...

Will need to follow up with some sort of contact with distance learners perhaps? Or more part-timers to see if this is typical?

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