Thursday, 9 April 2009

QR codes project

Over the coming year I've received some funding to spread QR codes around our (University of Huddersfield) library.

Dave Pattern (hello Dave!) had already put them on our catalogue just a few weeks ago.

So far the outline plan is to:

1) Survey all students coming into the library on a particular day to check awareness of QR codes and then repeat this in a years time.
2) Put QR codes on all our printed journal boxes linking to SFX which will check our online holdings - so print journals link up with electronic.
3) Put some directional codes (containing just text) in various places (so scan the one for law on floor 4 of the library, small staircase and it could display text saying "go up 2 floors, turn left and you will pass first the law journals, then law reports, then get to the books.".
4) Link some QR codes with mobile friendly videos and display then put them in the places where the help would be needed most (e.g. "how to use the copiers" near each photocopier.
Put codes in a lot of the printed guides to link to relevant online resources or contact details.
5) Find an interesting way of promoting what the codes actually are! May be able to get a little game set up by September...

1 comment:

  1. Hi Andrew, how did you manage to integrate QR tags into your catalogue? Also, how do you plan to generate the tags for attaching to boxes of the printed journal. Are there automated ways of doing this?

    Also, do you have any plans to use Microsoft Tag as well?